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Inspiration Fashion

Inspiration Fashion!

Inspiration Fashion: Before I designed for the home, I design for the body & although it been awhile since then I do gain much of my inspiration from the clothes that walk down the runway....

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Inspiration Green

Inspiration Green, Dream.

INSPIRATION GREEN. DREAMY.[gallery type="rectangular" columns="2" size="large" ids="2083,2084,2087,2088,2089,2090,2091"]Happy Sunny Monday to everyone! <3Being that is it Spring time and the Sun is shinning down on us, I wanted to share one of my favourite inspirations - Green or more specifically nature.Being raised in the city, I was never one for trekking out in the country side but...

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Fashion Revolution Week Round Up

Fashion Revolution Week Roundup.

Fashion Revolution Week, 18th - 24th of April 2016, was a week long campaign advocating transparency of the (fast) fashion supply chain. Fashion Revolution Week highlights the social and environmental concerns of the Fast fashion Industry. ...

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