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Home Decorating- The Do’s and Don’t’s

Home Decorating- The Do’s and Don’t’s

Looking for home decorating inspiration online is one of my favourite pass times. Although I can spend hours sifting through images of beautifully decorated homes and decadent ground floor hotel entrances, articles with “how to’s” or “do’s and don’ts” on home decorating or interior inspiration are my favourite.

The entrance- essential to home decorating

Lobby Decoration at the Thompson Chicago Hotel.


Home decorating, an art form

Beautifully decorated home in Malaysia


Recently Home and Gardens published an online article about the do’s and don’ts of home decorating featuring world-renowned interior designers. I love this article! It inspired me and taught how to put together my own “Do’s and Don’ts” of home decorating. Check out my top 10 list below for some tips for redecorating your home.

Top 10 Do’s and Don’t’s of Home Decorating

A Home Should be Made to Match You

How you decorate your home says a lot about you. Adding personal touches to your home decor will make your house warmer and more welcoming.

When Home Decorating you Should Always Have an Accented Piece in Each Room

I am slowly changing my living room around, it has come a long way since the watchful eye of my mother but today it is slowly but surely becoming a living room I enjoy spending time in (Love you mum)! The combinations of dark woods and beige coupled with the green tones of my plants gives it a relaxing ambience subjective to my taste. However, its continual evolution will soon be met with a pop of colour and adorable floor lamp I just bought from

To Quote Suzanne Sharp (Creative Director of ‘The Rug Company’)- “Make a Bold Statement in the Entrance”

This is the first part of the house that people will see therefore home decorating starts there! Make it an area (however small or big) that instantly introduces your friends and family to your home – make it memorable. For me it would be a beautifully decorated Floor standing mirror; no matter the size of your entrance it will add dimension and space to your room. 

Always Mix New and Old for Some Personality When Home Decorating

Antics are great but you don’t have to go and spend a fortune to give your home a little bit of old. Old photographs, books, a piece of furniture, all of these will do. 

Play with Patterns

My friends can tell you that my love for mix and match textures, colours and patterns is in the unwritten rule of my fashion styling and this also translates into my interior styling. DO NOT EVER BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT!

Invest Time into your DIY

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people haven’t finished their home decorating. There are many reasons why this happens but often it is because people have lost the vision for their end goal.

Wallpaper can Look Bad if it’s Not Put on Correctly

Always leave the more labour intensive DYI to the experts unless you know what you’re doing. Home decorating is so much fun but just because you have a vision doesn’t necessarily mean you can make it happen on your own. If you are opting for patterned wallpaper make sure you get it done well so that all of it aligns beautifully in your home.

Create a Space Where you can Feel Cosy but also House-Proud

When home decorating, it’s important to me to make sure my client can feel both relaxed during a quiet afternoon but also host a great dinner party for friends and family. 

Create a Space which will be Long Lasting, not Seasonal

Remember: seasons change (especially in England!) When home decorating it’s important to choose a style that you will feel comfortable in all year round.  

Curate Each Room According to How you Would Like to Move Around It

This is a little unusual but many of us do this subconsciously. However, next time you are redecorating, consider how you would like to move around the room. If the feng-shui is off maybe you should consider a switch around.


If you want to find out more about tips and tricks on home decorating or would like me to redecorate your space feel free to contact me at  or visit our website:
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