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Interior Inspiration: Autumn 16 Colour

Interior Inspiration: Autumn 16 Colour

Interior Inspiration- Autumn: The Best Season

Autumn is my favourite time of the year, as it is a great season for incredible interior inspiration. Temperatures begin to fall and leaves start changing colour, giving London a unique air of romanticism. My excitement rises when layered clothing becomes a necessity, and everything spiced is readily available on the menu. Furthermore, this season is a bit of a mixture, offering the best of its sister seasons, without the bright colours of Summer or the grave undertones of Winter.

The most exciting part of any season, and what I most look forward to, is the colour forecasting: the predictions projected out into the world. This is where my love for both fashion and textile design truly meet. Colour extends beyond the physical realm and touches the human emotion. The Autumn fashion colour trends and interior inspirations for 16/17 do this beautifully as they capture a bigger scope of emotions.

The Deco Collection

My Deco Collection colour combination relates more to the undertones or pastels in the Spring and Summer palette. However, some of my textile designs have been inspired by earthy tones and darker hues– matching the Autumn fashion style, interior inspiration, and Winter vogue.

Pantone For Your Interior Inspiration

For my colour-trend inspiration I rely on Pantone:


This year’s colour forecast show a bit of diversity with a hint of boldness. The bold lavender tone, appropriately named ‘Bodacious’ fills this Autumn collection with distinct audacity.

The use of Autumn’s reddish/earth tones will always be a part of its textile design palette. Nevertheless, the spice of using ‘Potter’s Clay’ and ‘Aurora Red’ makes this season’s colour combination incredibly sophisticated.

Finally, what makes this colour trend so incredibly cohesive and stimulating is the artful play of ‘Lush Meadow’ and ‘Airy Blue’ making this Autumn 16/17 a season that I look forward to for both textile designs and interior inspiration!

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